Teimour Radjabov

Teimour RadjabovTeimour Radjabov comes from Azerbaijan. He was born on March 12, 1987 in Baku. His mother is named Leila Radjabova. She was an English teacher. His father is Boris Sheinin, who was a petroleum engineer. Radjabov uses the surname of his mother instead of his father’s because of his disagreement about his dad’s Jewish heritage. He got married on October 7, 2011, after hitting a performance rating of 3,019 in the European Chess Cup Championships.


His talent for chess was shown at the age of four, when he started learning to play chess. He got a title of International Master in 1999, and he obtained a title of Grandmaster 3 years later in March. Being a 14-year-old boy, Radjabov was the second youngest chess grandmaster in the world. In January 2002, he showed up in the FIDE’s World Top 100 rating list. His rating was 2,599 and he was the second youngest person who could have such an achievement. He has kept himself in the list since then.


Radjabov started his career as a professional chess players in 1999. He was the youngest participant who won the European Under 18 Championship. Three years later, when he was just thirteen, he was the first runner-up in Wijk ann Zee B. In June 2002, he defeated Ivanchuk, Svidler, Beliavsky and Akopian in the FIDE Moscow Grand Prix rapid event. A year later, he managed to defeat Garry Kasparov, Viswanathan Anand, and Ruslan Ponomariov, who are chess grandmasters coming from Russia and India. With such an amazing achievement, he became the first chess player who could defeat three former FIDE World Chess Champions with the black pieces within a single year.


In 2004, he took part in Linares and scored 8 points, becoming the fourth together with Veselin Topalov. He managed to enter the semifinals in the FIDE World Chess Championship 2004 as well. One year after that, he won the second prize in the European Championship. On February 22, 2006, he was the first runner-up in Linares/Morelia Tournament. Nine months later, Radjabov got the gold medal in the strong Cap d’Agde rapid tournament.


In the first month of year 2007, he shared the champion with Levon Aronian and Veselin Topalov in the Category 19 Corus Chess Tournament in Wijk aan Zee. He originally also participated in the Linares/ Morelia Tournament held in 2007 but had to withdraw because he was stolen in Mexico. He was replaced by Vassily Ivanchuk. A year later, in January, he was in the first place in the ACP Rapid Cup held in Odessa and shared the third place with Viswanathan Anand in Wijk aan Zee. In August, he was in the second place in Sochi. In May 2010, he became the second in Astrakhan as well as the FIDE Grand Prix 2008-2010, which made him qualified to take part in the Candidates tournament for the World Chess Championship 2012. He shared the second prize with Boris Gelfand in the King’s Tournament (2010) held too. On October 17, 2012, his performance was the second highest in the European Chess Club Cup, leading the SOCAR chess team to be in the first place. In November 2013, his national team got the champion in the European Team Chess Championship which was organized in Warsaw, Poland.

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