OSG-Baden-Baden is still the German champion !!!!

With 30 points  and without any point losses, 88.5 out of 120 possible points, the  OSG Baden-Baden chess club defended succesfully their title and won for the ninth time in a row the German team championship. Mülheim was second.  Hockenheim reached a beautiful third place with the help of a chess titan at their first board Mr Anatoly Karpov. The big  loosers of this season are Munich, Griesheim, Tegel and Viernheim…

The Bundesliga 2013/2014 season is over . The OSG Baden-Baden became the ninth consecutive German team champion.

The final three rounds were central, with all teams and competitions, held in one place. This idea was first tried three years ago. when Mülheim and Hockenheim SC Epping were the organizing teams at the time. 

With many stars in their rank, the OSG Baden-Baden was the dominant force in the league. After their ascention to the higher league in 2002, the Team won the German team championship title for the first time in 2004/05 and defended it since then in an uninterrupted sequence. The team almost always wins and often with a convincing manner and high scores.


the statistics and winning rate of OSG Baden-Baden in the previous nine years are really impressive:

Losses: three
draws: eight
Victories, 7:1 and higher: twenty seven

You might think that Baden-Baden with such superiority was always champion by a wide marginand it was Mostly true, but sometimes the OSG was champion by very small margins .

In the 2005/06 season,  they were only two points ahead of Bremen, The next year they were four points ahead of the Hamburger SK.

In the 2007/08 season, the OSG had five points more than Bremen.

In 2008/09 they were four points ahead of Bremen also and in the next year, only one point separed them from the same rival.

In 2010/11 again, four points ahead of Werder Bremen. The same result was achieved in the next season, again in front of the same club.

In the last season 2012/13 they won five points ahead of Mülheim. And 2013/14? See final table.

This means that the runner-ups of the past nine years were :the  Werder Bremen, the Hamburger SK and once the  Mülheim team last year.


The first board and big gun of the team Lev Aronian

The legend “Tolya” Karpov led his team to a superb 3rd place

this year, the final ranking was as in the table below

1. OSG Baden-Baden 30
2. SV Mülheim Nord 24
3. SV 1930 Hockenheim 23
4. SC Eppingen 21
5. Werder Bremen 21
6. SG Solingen 18
7. SK Turm Emsdetten 17
8. Hamburger SK 17
9. SF Katernberg 16
10. SV Wattenscheid 1930 15
11. SG Trier 12
12. SF Berlin 1903 7
13. FC Bayern München 7
14. SV Griesheim 5
15. SK König Tegel 4
16. SC Viernheim 3





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