Chess Online

Chess online: playing chess like in real life but on your computer or mobile screen is possible because of the internet. You can play against your friends, against strangers or versus computer (machine) whenever you want.


The Internet has made it possible to play chess online with thousands of people around the world at a moment’s notice. There are sites where you can play with grandmasters, while others are geared for beginners and casual play. Playing online chess is as simple as a few clicks of the mouse – and there’s always an open board.

In 2005 the estimated number of people who play chess online was about 200 million online chess players (estimated by the FIDE, The world chess Federation), 45 millions of them are form the United States of America, 10 millions frome India, and 4 millions from the United Kingdom.

The estimated number of people who play chess online today is about 900 million players.

The number of sites that offer a playing online area or service are in decrease. Some of them are free and the others are not free. To play online you need to create an account, everytime you win or you lose you virtual ELO change, you get badges and achievements, your rank may improve or decrease.

A space for playing chess online  in the best of chess website will be available soon.