Lucena position

Lucena_positionThe Lucena situation (pronounced: [luˈθena]) is probably the most famous and crucial jobs with chess endgame principle, where by just one facet has a rook as well as a pawn as well as the opponent has a rook. It can be basic inside the rook and pawn versus rook endgame. If the facet using the pawn can easily achieve this type of situation, he can artificially get the experience. The majority of rook and pawn versus rook endgames achieve both this Lucena situation and perhaps this Philidor situation when played out correctly (de la Accommodation 2008: 125). Along side it using the pawn will endeavor to succeed in this Lucena situation for you to get; another facet will endeavor to succeed in this Philidor situation for you to sketch.


The position is named following Spaniard Luis Ramirez de Lucena, though he did not analyze the item or perhaps distribute the item (Shenk 2006: 79).


The Lucena situation is named following Spaniard Luis Ramírez de Lucena, although it is actually some thing of your misnomer, as the situation doesn’t in fact can be found in their publication with chess, Repetición de Amores age Arte de Axedrez (1497). It can seem, on the other hand, with Alessandro Salvio’s Il Puttino (1634), a new relationship about the vocation with the chess participant Leonardo da Cutri, in fact it is because variety that it’s given the following (Müller & Lamprecht 2001: 179). Salvio qualities the item for you to Scipione Genovino (Hooper & Whyld 1992: 238).


The position is actually found previously mentioned and beneath (the situation is usually transferred as a whole or perhaps mirrored so your pawn is actually with the data t by means of g). White’s intention is usually to both market their pawn or maybe persuade The Black will give up their rook for this – both outcome can abandon Light with the too much to handle product advantages as well as a clear-cut get. Light provides were able to improve their pawn towards the seventh position, but it really is actually prevented through queen due to the fact his very own master is actually the way. Light want to shift their master then market their pawn, nevertheless is actually prevented through going towards the a-file from the dark rook, and prevented through going towards the c-file from the dark master.


The primary characteristics with the situation are:


  • this pawn is actually virtually any pawn other than a new rook pawn
  • this pawn provides superior towards the seventh position
  • this assaulting master (the just one using the pawn) is actually about the queen block connected with it’s pawn
  • this assaulting rook reduces over other master through the pawn simply by no less than one data file
  • this counseling rook is actually about the data file on the reverse side with the pawn


An obvious strategy simply by Light (in the position above) for example


1. Rd1+ Ke7

a couple of. Kc7


The Black can simply harass this white master with inspections, and Light helps make absolutely no improvement:


a couple of… Rc2+

3. Kb6 Rb2+

5. Ka7 Ra2+

5. Kb8.