The International Masters’ Title

FIDEThe International Masters Title is awarded by the organization of FIDE which is one of the most recognized chess organizations in the world. It is also the best considered and honest one amongst various other organizations. It is also known as the highest title among chess players. There is nothing better or greater than this title in the world of chess and in order to achieve it one has to be a really great chess player. If one easily avails it, then it lasts for a lifetime which is not something that is easily achieved. The usual abbreviation used in the international world of chess is IM.

The Masters title is only offered to those who prove to be just great while playing chess, to those who have real talent and proper skills in winning even the hardest chess game ever. This is the title which is awarded to those who are considered strong players who can compete against anyone. They cannot be easily defeated. The title was introduced in 1950 and is known as the greatest achievement for a chess player. The abbreviation used for the International master is IM in the literature of chess. The rating for a player ranges from 2400 to 2500 in order to achieve the title of the IM. But it is not as powerful as the one mentioned in the case of the GM title.

Usually, after achieving the title of IM, one aims to get the title of GM. People like Larry Christiansen from US, Hag Wang from China and the previous world championship winner Vladimir Kramnik have won the title of GM without even achieving the title of IM. Men and ladies can avail it by showing their best performance in the chess gaming world. It is not easy to achieve this tile which is also a necessary step towards the GM title so all chess players are highly interested in obtaining it. In the past, this title was offered informally, but it has become more formal over the years. The chess players who achieve the International Masters title are those who can beat not only most chess amateurs but also the best professional players.

In time, the title of International Masters in chess has begun to be offered by organizations. In most cases, winners are offered the chance to compete in premiere events in the world of professional chess playing. This gives them the opportunity to become the best chess players in the world. They become world class chess players who have a lot to show to the whole world and who will always remain great names in the history of chess. Gaining this title means becoming better and better each day, becoming a chess player who everyone wants to compete against and win in order to prove how great that he is. Only the most devoted, passionate and highly professional chess players can gain this title and become famous worldwide as the greatest players ever in the history of chess.