The Path to Becoming a Woman Candidate Master

live chessChess, as a game has stood the test of time and is still being pursued seriously by many young and old players alike. The simple 64 square board tests the player’s intelligence, strategy and approach to a situation. Where a normal chess game can end quickly in a matter of minutes, there are still others that can last for hours together. It requires a lot of concentration and strategic thinking in order to ensure that you win the battle of wits with your opponent.

A good player must be able to analyze his opponent’s moves well in advance and develop suitable counter attacks and approaches. The FIDE- World Chess Federation has developed many titles and awards to people who have earned it in order to honor and recognize their talents as well. As there are equal opportunities for both women and men as well, the game of chess appeals to many.

The title was introduced in the year 1977 as a lower ranking title for women. The Woman Candidate Master is one such title offered by the world federation of chess to women who have an ELO rating of 2200 or more. This is equivalent to earning 2200 points in the game of chess. However, the games that you play must be according to the international rules as set by FIDE and must be governed by international arbiter or a FIDE arbiter. FIDE is responsible for framing the rules for different titles and governs the laws and regulations surrounding these titles. As there are many different rules and regulations surrounding each title grant, the players must familiarize themselves with the rules before deciding to claim a title.

The Candidate Master title is placed just below the FIDE master title with a separation of just 100 points. I.e. players who have already achieved the title of Candidate Master just need to earn another 100 points in order to earn the title of the FIDE master. The Woman Candidate Master is seen as a stepping stone for success and an ultimate pathway for the title that most chess players aim for – the Grandmaster Title. The road to success is hard and the players must maintain their concentration and composure throughout in order to achieve this dream. Though the title of a Candidate Master is not a very high achievement for chess players, it can be seen as a stepping stone to success and can be used to lay the foundation to achieve more coveted titles and achievements.

Though a Candidate Master can easily defeat a beginner or an inexperienced player, odds of him defeating the more established champions are certainly on the lower side. The various titles that are involved in the game of chess are just a method of rating the players based on their skills and approach. However, the points that a player earns played in any ungoverned or local tournaments cannot be used to claim any titles. All games have strict rules and regulations and must be governed by a recognized arbiter in order to be eligible for titles and awards in the future.