Woman FIDE Master (WFM)


Chess is a famous game that is being played in different countries. Depending on the skills, chess titles vary to classify players properly. Choosing particular chess titles also depends on different organizations that award them.


FIDE (Federation International Des Echecs) has different titles for chess players to play and obtain them based on their skills. These titles are called FIDE Titles and many chess players fight to gain superior FIDE titles to become more famous and trusted chess players. Each title is rewarded after analyzing two factors including the ELO rating and norms. ELO rating was invented for the purpose of examining skills and capabilities of chess players to classify them and reward relative titles. This rating system is also used in the case of other games including different video games.


Every chess player (men and women) can fight to obtain these FIDE titles except for some specific women FIDE Titles that are certainly for women players only.  While considering the level of interest and skills found in women, chess titles are specified for women players as well. Depending on their particular capabilities, women can fight for higher level. Similar to other fixtures, stronger women players are rewarded with high rank chess titles. FIDES has four different groups or types that are based on performance levels, these types are referred to as “norms”. For women, there are four different titles particularly related to females. These titles include:

  • The Woman Candidate Master Title (WCM)
  • The Woman FIDE Master Title (WFM)
  • The Woman International Master Title (WIM)
  • The Woman Grandmaster Title (WGM)

Many controversies exist regarding FIDE women titles. As women norms can be acquired while fulfilling lower requirements as compared to overall FIDE titles (for men), FIDE has classified women titles separately (these titles are mentioned above). The Woman FIDE Master title is rewarded to a chess woman when she makes or crosses 2100 on the ELO rating. Earning this ranking means that you possess a high level of performance in chess. However, the Woman FIDE Master Title is higher in ranking than the Woman Candidate Master.


On the other hand, the Woman Grandmaster (WGM) and Woman International Master (WIM) are better titles than the Woman FIDE Master is. In fact, the Woman Grandmaster is the highest FIDE Title that is for most deserving women players who successfully earn 2500 on the ELO rating.  Still, the Woman FIDE title has its own worth. This title has the 2nd position in title ranking so chess women players who receive this title have better performances as compared to the ones who achieve the first level FIDE woman title i.e. Woman Candidate Master.


For every single title specified for only women players, there are around 200 ELO rating point differenced to the actual corresponding FIDE title (general for all men and women).  Several women have successfully obtained the Woman FIDE Master Title around the world. An approximate record on women chess players who have achieved the Woman FIDE Master Title reveals that more than 1100 women are holding this title and many others are seeking to obtain it.