Woman Grandmaster (WGM)

FIDEFIDE, the world’s chess organisation bestows the tile of grandmaster in the chess arena.  Grandmaster, apart from the World champion title is the highest title a chess player can attain. For both men and women we have these three titles open to them- Grandmaster, FIDE master and International master.  Under a special decision taken by FIDE for the first time ever the title of grandmaster was given to a women namely Nona Gaprindashvili. That marked the beginning of women’s entry into senior titles in the game of chess. Still, the word Woman Grandmaster was not on the cards. It later got introduced and was awarded to women chess players who attained a level of skill and expertise that was in between the FIDE master and the International master title. This way the birth of the title of Woman Grandmaster took place.


There has been an eternal debate and brain storming concerning the question why there are so few woman grandmasters that the world has seen.  There has never been a single female world champion and only 1 percent of the total grandmasters are women.  Does it have something to do with the IQ? This is certainly not the case as the ones having won the title haven’t tested theirs either. Another school of thought says that maybe their gene keeps them away from the title. A rational mind would say that it is simply the game of numbers. More men play chess than women do so the number of men winning the grandmaster title is simply bigger than the number of women winning this title.


Women enjoy an additional way in which to win the grandmaster title. There is something called the World’s Woman championship (WWC).  FIDE started giving the grandmaster title to the winners of WWC in 1978. Thus we see women who have started making a mark in the chess arena as early as 1978. The mere fact that many women didn’t end up winning the grandmaster title doesn’t in anyway make them less talented or something like that. We don’t measure these titles in such parameters. There is a long list of women chess players who have made it big and who have gone far in their chess career so as to make their nation proud.


Susan Polgar from Hungary is a woman chess player. She has once defeated her opponent in just 24 moves. That’s an amazing number.  She was also the first woman to have won the grandmaster title the same way as men did.  Another legendary woman chess player deserves to be mentioned here. Humpy Kuneru became the youngest grandmaster in the history of chess after defeating J.Polgar’s record.  Thus we see the genesis of the female grandmaster title that was created as a result of a special decision made by FIDE which later got regularised and was awarded to the ones displaying skills in between  those of a FIDE master and an International Master. It is a very important title for professional chess players.